Bako Country wide Park

Sarawak’s oldest countrywide park was proven in 1957, addresses a moderate 27 sq. kilometres., and is approximately 37km from Kuching. It’s known because of its extraordinary natural surroundings, habitats, plant life and crazy life.

Its most crucial features are secluded coves and solid rocky headlands with impressive steep cliffs that forget the South China Sea.

The sea aerosol, influx action and the blowing wind also have carved out impressive sea arches and sea stacks at the bottom of the cliffs, some rearing above the waves just like a mighty serpent’s brain.

The attractive sandstone formations look pink with flat iron habits on the cliff. Further inland, waterfalls tumble into freshwater swimming pools in a tranquil and idyllic jungle setting up.

Bako contains an unbelievable variety of herb varieties and vegetation types, which is one of the parks great visitors attractions. At Bako you’ll be able to see nearly every kind of vegetation within Borneo.

Bako is also home to around 275 unusual proboscis monkeys, found only in Borneo. The very best times for experiencing animals at Bako are soon after dawn and right before dusk, when the family pets are in their most lively. Bako is a remarkable place for parrot viewing, as over 150 kinds have been noted here.

Bakos considerable path system comprises of 16 colour-coded jungle paths which give you a selection of walking and trekking options. The fit and adventurous can select for full-day jungle hikes or over night camping expeditions, whilst those who choose to take it easy can decide on a enjoyable forest walk.
Getting Here

By Road
Petra Jaya Bus No.6 and regular minibuses go from Kuching to Kampung Bako, a picturesque sportfishing village. On the other hand, taxis also go to Kampung Bako (Bako Community).

By Boat
Following that you have to charter a sail boat to the Playground. The boat trip is an trip alone, with the skilled and experienced boatmen using the search at broadband, to the joy of most site visitors.