Gunung Gading National Park

Gunung Gading National Park is an excellent span of bumpy rainforest just two hours from Kuching. Situated close Lundu, a lovely little town in south-west Sarawak.

At first, the recreation center was a shut preservation zone for the fantastic Rafflesia, the biggest bloom on the planet that can grow up to one meter in measurement. Be that as it may, after broad natural effect thinks about, the National Parks Department chose that Gunung Gading is a fortune that ought to be imparted to general society.

It was in this way opened to people in general in 1994. Notwithstanding, Gunung Gading National Park remains intently viewed by the National Parks Department to guarantee that guests will get the best chances to see the blooming Rafflesia without making any harm the youthful buds and other greenery in the encompassing range.

A board walk has been constructed near where the Rafflesia is generally discovered, making seeing conceivable when the plant is in blossom.

Wilderness trails prompt streams, falling waterfalls and the mountains, with one way taking trekkers to the summit of Gunung Gading (906m). The rough mountains inside the Park give a beautiful background to the close-by town of Lundu, and the shorelines at Pandan and Siar.


By Bus

The Park is only five minutes’ drive from Lundu town or around a two-hour drive from Kuching. You can take a STC (Sarawak Transport Company) Lundu Express Bus or Bus No. 2B from Kuching City to Lundu town focus. From that point, take a Pandan transport and make a request to be dropped off at the recreation center. Then again, sanction a taxi for the day.